Non-Veg Appetizers

  1. Chicken Manchurian

    $ 10.99

    Chicken dipped in a batter primarily made of cornflour, maida (soft wheat) and soy sauce and fried and sautéed with green onions, soy sauce & … View Recipe

  2. Chilli Chicken

    $ 10.99

    Chicken cubes fried in a batter made of cornflour, soy sauce, ginger-garlic paste and sautéed with spicy onions & red chilli sauce

  3. Chicken Lollipop

    $ 10.99

    Chicken wings marinated in red chilli powder and turmeric batter, deep fried and served with hot chilli sauce

  4. Chicken 65

    $ 10.99

    Boneless cubes of chicken marinated with a blend of yoghurt and Indian spices and deep fried

  5. Chicken Pepper Fry

    $ 10.99

    Marinated chicken cooked in traditional South Indian style with freshly ground black peppers and spices

  6. Keema Samosa

    $ 8.99

    Mixture os minced lamb meat, ginger and green chillies wrapped and deep-fried, served crispy and hot! Served with chutney

  7. Kheema Samosa

    $ 8.99

    Spongy dumplings of all-purpose flour mixed with minced lamb meat, ginger and green chilies and deep- fried, served crispy and hot!

  8. Fish Veruval

    $ 11.99

    Finger-shaped fish fillets marinated in freshly made Indian spices and deep-fried until crispy

  9. Shrimp Vepudu (Persis Special-Spicy)

    $ 15.99

    Deep-fried shrimp with sautéed chilies

  10. Shrimp Fry

    $ 15.99

    Stir-fried shrimp with sautéed chilies, onions & south Indian spices

  11. Shrimp Pepper Fry

    $ 15.99

    Marinated shrimp sautéed with pepper, garlic and herbs